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Ambient practicums was created as a part of the Intermedia art course at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. It is designed as an experimental platform for students to acquire skills in domain of installation art, design, production, exhibition set up, team work and collaboration,

With a help of Youth Cultural Center student where able to showcase their works and engage with their audience thus learning directly from their feedback. Through the course of two moths 3x3 m gallery space was completely changed, from a living room, to vintage balcony, cold cave, fogy or light room to a  cardboard home.

The 3×3 program: Ambient Practicums is the result of a collaboration between the Department of New Media Art and the Youth Center CK13, led by Stevan Kojić, Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić and Borislav Prodanović. The project will continue to develop every winter semester.

Together we worked toward curating individual ambients in relation to gallery space, audience experience and our own collaboration process, Our first round of students where;

Aleksa Borovac, Anastasija Komatina, Ana Radosavljević, Ena Jovančić Vidaković, Julijana Pavlovič, Marija Mitić, Una Mladenović

3x3 Ambiental


Ambient practicums are moving to a new space. Small corner of our working classroom has been turned into a gallery for installation experiments. Through the course of one semester student of II year at Intermedia research course, experiment with installation art, setting up and producing the work with what they have at their disposal.


This year the focus was on how to exhibit and present digital artworks. Throughout the semester students worked with processing and html to create digital artworks that later they had to present through a physical installation.


Our second round of students where;

Angelina Biskupljanin, Anđela Bogić, Ilja Simin, Sara Mladenović. Lidija Đorđević, Katarina Paunović, Filip Škuras - Erasmus exchange student with Tamara Knežević and Mila Stojanović III year students.



In its third edition Ambient practicums are exploring the White cube concept. Navigating for different ways of exhibiting a work:

+Nomadic gallery - New mini circular space created in the project @i.d.entitet exploring a space as an element of their work or as a place of exhibition

+Portable gallery - Experiments in a micro space, creating works that can be easily moved or carried by audience

+Toilat galley - occuping a public toilet of AUNS an repositioning it as an art space

+Špajz gallery - as our usual example of somewhat white cube space


Throughout the semester students worked with the theme of balance and enjoyment. Entering a space of fun and failure to just do.


Third round of students where;

Dimitrije Despotovski, Jelena Ostojić, Staša Stantić i Radoš Manigoda

White Cube not


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