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noun [ C ]

uk /ˈeŋ.kleɪv/ us /ˈɑːŋ.kleɪv/

a part of a country that is surrounded by another country, or a group of people who are different from the people living in the surrounding area

Enclave in Spanish could be read as a meeting place of problem solving or gathering. And like this it was envisioned during the residency / and art enclave. In Serbian language, because of it's historic connotation of Kosovo and Serbia dispute, it is associated with a place of isolated groups in a foreign zone often oppressed by the other ethnic groups. In this project the word Enclave represent a a body, where being different and surrounded by different is to be respected and accepted.

​Enclave_ing was the project that dealt with the meaning of the word in different cultures. It is a continuation of the long year research in semiotics , language and communication through psycho-geography. It was implemented during an art residency in Spain in a series of works. They question the way we perceive and communicate in our surroundings. How our cultural background shapes the way we read and make meanings.

Psycho-geographical pillow walks

was a performative walk that searched for places of bodily, emotional and mental connections with the surroundings. Using a pillow as a symbol of ENCLAVE it called for new meaning of what space and place are and where can they be found.

Memory Box

represents the idea of what ENCLAVE is at the current moment and what it can or will become. Each resident artist was invited to place the objects that hold the idea of enclave memory for them. The memory box thus became a collective experience of ENCLAVED time. It is left to the Enclave residency team to give it to the future artists of Enclave residency to re/shape and build the collective experience of the upcoming ENCLAVE.

Book of collective experience

mapped the connections that where build between our environment and collective. Each page was sewn for a given day and encapsulates the moments shared, learned and lived.

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