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0(oh) is an art tactic that seeks to investigate how spoken and programming language indoctrinate systematically embedded social meanings shaping our reality and our identities. Through visual-didactic triggers - neon sign, instructions, music playlist, card game; initiates choreographed dialogues, thus forming a temporary space of ((un)learning) that disrupts indoctrinated conceptualizations of identity and gender.

The neon sign is a linguistic and visual game. Combining the aspects of zero and a letter O ellipse shape is created.Phonetically and visually O(oh) is also read as pleasure. A release with immediate satisfaction that invites us to celebrate ourselves as we choose fits. This lingvisticaly and mathematicaly created sign is intended to be used as a placeholder a tabula rasa for a discussion,  ready to be filed with meanings.

The textual instructions - card game - music playlist are visual and semantic probes designed to hold critical discourse on issues of gender identification and categorization. In the conversation with the audience, the performativity and esentialization of language, the impact of technology on the representation, performance and formation of identity are revealed.

This work is a performative conversation.

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