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  Projects    implemented within Academy of Arts

As an artist-curator I am interested in how curatorial and artistic methods can co-operate as an activator of experience blurring the boundary between curator, artist and a participant.  Most projects are thematically oriented on psycho geographical exploration of spaces, technological effects towards environment, society and identity making in relation to technological development.



EkOtisak is a project of many multidisciplinary educational activities that was organized in order to exchange knowledge on the topic of our carbon footprint in the context of global challenges. Starting from the notion of the carbon footprint as a measure of human impact on the environment and climate in general, developed artistic content will localize the experience of climate change, (too) often seen as temporally and spatially abstract and distant phenomena. Based on the practice of scientific and artistic research and the active involvement of artists, researchers, civil society organizations and citizens, we will  examine the daily habits of citizens and assess the ways in which they are reflected on the carbon footprint, as a kind of trace that we all leaves on our planet.

This research was presented through the eyes of young artists and their work Ekotopie. Taking a form of an sensorial and tactile installation piece it explores futures, imagined ways of humans navigating them, different knowledge production and sharing techniques.

#experiments #installationart #collaboration #artandscience #research


Ambient practicums is a series of spacial experiments by students of the 2nd year of the New Media Art department. Moving towards awareness of the ambiance of space in the context of art is moving towards conscious sensitivity to the environment. This requires the exploration of spatial relations of space, practically moving and acting within the space and communicating with it. Students' interventions in the space present expressions of this experimental exploration and conceptualization of space. Thus we witness the physical and ambient transforming of space that becomes social, artistic, meaningful and psychological.

#experiments #installationart #space #knowhow #ambijentalniprkatikumi #akademijaumetnostinovisad #ck13

Young Danube

Stream exhibition

As artists and academics we always think how can we approach new generations of emerging artist and engage them directly in to the art scene. Young Danube Stream was an exhibition that enable our students to gain practical knowledge and experience. The exhibition gathered students works that responded to the subject of water in a way that is engaging them and challenges them to create in a domain that is outside of their everyday learning practice. We saw water as a tool and material of art making and as a teaching tool. Through mentorship sessions and group workshops we worked with students of Fine art department on visual research related to water. The result we got showed a spectrum of diverse modes of thinking and making.

#intermedia #artstudents #exhibition #water #curating #danubedialogs

Visual transpositions

of identity and space

Project Visual transpositions of identity and space questions contemporary conceptualization of IDENTITY. What construct our own identity? Is our virtual identity more important? How do we perceive and create identity of our cities? Project gathers emerging new media artist with a goal to enable them international recognition, and opportunities to collaborate and exhibit. Discussion and exhibition related to the theme of Identity will be organized in Paris at Serbian cultural center and in SANU gallery Serbian Academy of Science and Art in Novi Sad. This was a pilot project and will continue to develop in various formats.

#exhibition #cooperation #curating #identity #space #paris #psychogeography #idplaces

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