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Young Danube

Stream exhibition

Young Danube Stream was an exhibition that gathered student works that responded to the theme of water. We worked with students of Fine art department in order to research water as an artist material, tool, symbol or medium to work with around the topics like environmental pollution, consumerism, aesthetics, sound, animal etc.. The result we got showed a spectrum of diverse modes of thinking and making.
Mediums used varied from sculpture, installation, sound art, video and photography. Students worked with water as a material, a symbol or a subject they opens up these environmental issues. All these works investigate the presence and absence of water with humans impact on it’s environment and consumption, thus showcasing it’s importance for all living beings.

Yound Danube Stream was organized as a part of Danube Dialogue Festival 2019.

Artist students: Csatlós Kitti Asztrid, Jelena Bajić, Anđela Cipar, Aleksandar Danguzov, Tijana Đukić, Milena Herceg, Ivana Jeremić, Anđela Kopanja, Danilo Lalović, Aleksandra Novaković, Mila Pejić, Kristina Polender, Aleksandar Siker, Jelena Simović, Jovana Semiz, Helena Soldat, Aleksa Stajšić, Boris Stanišić, Ivana Vukanac and Željka Peštorić, Nikola Zogović.

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