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   Art Projects  

Section with  projects within my practice as an artist. These are long term concepts and methodologies I have been thinkering about. In most cases they are collaborative, site specific interventions that deal with process, language, communication and making within a community.

In the mirror of otherness

This project is designed as a participatory project that aims to create new exhibition spaces, affirm new artistic approaches and concepts in post media art practices. The students involved work within the themes of otherness, fluid identity, interface politics and the position of female identity in our patriarchal society.
Project tends to break established identity norms, opening those included for a dialogue with the public and art institutions.

Another important aspect of the project is that is experiments with exhibiting strategies and spaces to show works by emerging artists. Through mini mobile gallery and web gallery as a browser extension it seeks out new places and spaces for making and exhibiting art.

#experiments #exhibitions #participatory #identity #popupshows #postmedia #technology

u ogledalu drugosti.png


flowers 2019

Frederico Fellini ones said that “A different language is a different vision of life.”Translation flowers is an all female group whose members are Inkeri Jantti (FI), Nancy Dewhurst (UK) and Suncica Pasuljevic Kandic (RS). "Translation flowers" is an English translation of the Finnish word "käännöskukkaset". It refers to the ironical, weird and in most cases bad word translation of the TV shows. Coming from three different language and cultural backgrounds the group is interested in exploring these different visions. Seeking out other modes of collaboration, communication and language they work at the intersection of various media. Thanks to TaikaBox we now continue to collaborate through practice-led art research as an artist trio

#experiments #artistgroup #sitespecific #collaboration #language

Artist's Menu


Project Artist's Menu is designed as a platform of skill sharing and knowledge exchange. Through series of lectures, workshops, residencies it tries to foster an atmosphere of idea exchange and multidisciplinary collaboration. It operates as a DIWO and BUFU program with a goal to showcase that things are possible if we try to cooperate and work together in order to learn and produce something valuable for us and young emerging artists. The project functions with a principle of shared resources, we all contribute with resources that we have.. Like minded people gathered around similar goals and ideas and do their best in given circumstances to achieve them. The project goal is to provide young emerging artists with tools and opportunities necessary for them to enter the contemporary art scene.

We are open to collaborate with anyone willing to take part in our program.

#guestlectures #workshops #cooperation #knowledgeexchange #artistmenu  #sharing

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