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In the mirror
of otherness

This project is a continuation of my research on technological impact on our society and identity making. It connects to previous project Transpositional discourse of identity and space.

Project is an intersection of artistic, curatorial and pedagogical practices.


Thematically its focus is to explore and understand gender issues, binaries and fluidity, categorization and semantics of contemporary identity. Seeking to explore how generation of digital natives approaches the subject of identity making and technological influence on it it aims to support them and practices of post media art.

Another important focus is on establishing alternative exhibition spaces. Project created 3 new galleries:

Online pop up gallery in a form of a web extension

Web gallery garden

Mini nomadic, circled gallery

One of the key activities of the project are mentoring session that will provide guidance to varius methods, tools as well as production and concept execution. Through them we will learn, question and analyze different issues, possibilities and question that we are surrounded when it comes to technological impact to our identity. how we construct and imagine at as well as how we perform it both online and offline.

Through these session we will be working on new artwork by participating artist that will later on be included in other exhibiting activities through which the project will provide opportunity to connect with the audience and foster constructive dialogue on the themes they open.

of identity

Questioning places of art making and exhibiting, its visibility and availability for emerging artists in the context of post media practices, the project seeks to explore new strategies to provide support for new explorations. The project will produce a mini mobile gallery where physical works could be exhibited and placed anywhere. Our first round of artworks will take place in a form of a small ad hoc pop up exhibition ID.30 show at Bulevar Books and CPN.

This nomadic window to artworks will be accompanied by an online gallery space. This gallery will be presented as a desktop exhibition through a web extension at the second mini festival Worlds of otherness.

Ad hoc
pop up

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