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EkOtisak project

Ekotopie is an ambient installation that brings together several different works (a house, a sound piece and a catalogue of the possiblities) that try to synthesize scientific and artistic knowledge and visions. In this way, the installation draws us into not one, but several possible future scenarios, thus opening up space for confronting our unsustainable habits such as excessive shopping, unbalanced distribution of resources, excessive production and exploitation of nature, and neglecting the applicable knowledge we inherited from our ancestors.


Central piece of the installation is the house that represents a synergy of old and new knowledge. It speculates with the idea of ​​forgotten and experiential knowledge that was passed down through generations and that has been replaced by rational scientific thought, capital and the modern idea of ​​progress. The sonic space of factory complexes versus the sonic space of the natural environment draws us into a new architecture of communication between two aspects of Nature. The sonic environment it crates in the house invites us to rethink the materiality of technology and reconsider the position of the artificial. Caught in the symbolic sonification of power dynamics, we are invited to listen more intensely and carefully to the world around us. What is he telling us?

The focus on sensory listening and intimate dialogue within the given question is also made possible by the garden that invites relaxation. In a state of relaxation, a Catalogue of possibilities is offered that confronts us with the outcomes of today's way of life and the production of reality. The catalog (serbian version can be read here), as the familiar space of media propaganda and consumerism, is now a counterculture space replaced by a space for sharing ideas, advice and speculative views. Set up as an experiential confrontation with spaces that balance on the border of past, present and future, existing and possible knowledge and views, this ambient installation becomes a kind of image of nature recontextualized within today's discourse of collaboration between art and science.

Artist students that took part in this collaboration and produced Ekotopie are: Mila Stojanović, Sara Mladenović, Julijana Pavlovič, Marija Mitić, Una Mladenović.

Ekotopie is produced and created under a project EkOtisak.

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