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Your personal micro altar for embodied spirituality


The power of AI within our smart devices exerts a distinct influence over both nature and society. Our daily lives are characterized by the worship of this quasi-divine entity. This devotion manifests through digital rituals, such as mindless scrolling, the device's constant grip - even in the bathroom, the Fear of Missing Out (FoMO), personality dysmorphia, or blind faith in statistical predictions and algorithmic knowledge. These processes contribute to the destabilization of our well-being.

In an increasingly digitized world where technology pervades every facet of our existence, the question arises: Can we reclaim and manipulate AI's power for spiritual enrichment? Can we allow our essence to seek solace, to transition from the ephemeral existence in the cloud back to grounding ourselves within our own bodies? (A)Idolatry represents one such micro-hack. By substituting these digital rituals and micro-interactions of AI worship with practices of spiritual awakening, psychosomatic meditations, sound purification, dedicating time to ourselves we shift focus from AI to Self. We descend from the cloud to reconnect with our physical being, embarking on a journey of self-reflection concerning our symbiotic relationship with AI systems.

(A)Idolatry takes the form of a pop-up nomadic altar that users personalize, along with monthly notifications. Through integration with platforms like Telegram channel, Instagram DMs, and email subscriptions, this initiative aims to offer accessible psychosomatic guidance through monthly prayer and meditation in LoFi formats such as podcasts, GIFs, instructional materials, or memes. These mediums aim to subvert technological dependency, reshaping it through the creation of novel digital rituals. Encouraging spiritual grounding and psychosomatic presence, they guide us from the algorithmic realm of knowledge towards embodied knowledge.

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