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ArtID is a durational artwork exploring the writing of an artist and commodification to the art market done through the semantic frameworks.

It was created in response to the demands of the art market and its institutions, which require contemporary artists to textually fix their professional identity in 500 to 1500 characters, 150 words, etc. in the form of an artist statement, resume - short bio. In a constant process of changes, the text becomes a performative writing of the author (Judith Butler). The collected artistic statements give an insight into the micro-changes, additions, deletions through which the author's semantic writing goes, shaping through the Anglo-Saxon language, which is foreign to her, but the only one that offers opportunities.

ArtID is followed by (Od)pedumkust = a video manifest drafting a new word for authors practice.



In the form of video glitch (referring to the term Glitch feminism by Legacy Russell) and textual statements, this work is a critical response, a mini-protest, an artistic hack and a paradox.

A semantic attempt to refuse to fix the artist's identity within the time-space framework of dominant paradigms, categories and vocabulary.

(Od)pedumkust is a portmanteau word combining meaning behind practices of art, curatorship and pedagogy thus forming a new framework of artist labour practices.


The image you build about the works and artists is not false, but it is also not accurate, neither real nor imaginary. It is a perception based on historical data loading. This artistic being and her works examine precisely those spaces of communication and formation of meaning.

ArtID Paris.JPG
ArtID setup.JPG
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