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Arthotecary a portmanteau combination of the meaning and sonority of the words apothecary and art. In this combination, a semantic play takes place. It functions as a heterotopia, fostering dialogue, experiential exchange and listening. As a space for conversation, exchange, listening, care and decompression it becomes a type of (in)visible tactic of breaking with established models of art making.

Arthotecary is designed as a mobile unit, creating  temporary pop up spaces for decompression, collective care, dialogue and listening that are open, flexible and changeable. Intended to be constantly redefined and changed in new collective exchanges. The project is the artists personal space for examining art as a form of exchange, learning and decompression. It is also a space that allows her to redirect the time spent on invisible labor that is not recognized as artistic labor. Labor that balances on the border of the practice of pedagogy, curatorship, art and cultural management, which she practices in different segments at the Department of New Art Media where she teaches.

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