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It started in Sarajevo, on a friend balcony. Moving into the hotel room, traveled across Balkan in the aircraft catching all, to us, invisible particles. Finally the ferment was growing, becoming yeast in a small apartment in Novi Sad.

It become bread, served, eaten and digested ending back in a flow of circulation.

Performative Lecture

The Artists ways of

seeing and doing

Techo-ecological tools

to (un)see the world

BioKod Suncica lecture Foto Elvira Kakusi (26).jpg

We eat, talked and pondered on

collaboration between different knowledge domains and ways of thinking coming from tech, science and art I focused on research outputs and collaborations that are coming from women artists

Feed, mixed and nurtured it will grow becoming new bacterial culture. It will ferment, forming into yeast and becoming bread.

Using homemade yeast turned into bread I introduced invisible and often overlooked collaboration with the environment and living world around us. From artworks using yeast like Joana Quiroga, bacteria and viruses we moved to collaboration with other living "materials" such as plants like the banana tree we  singed to, animals and some other non human collaborators such as AI.

Dried yeast carries particles of cultural and environmental flow.
Taken away it will collect more.

Photography by Elvira Kakusi

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