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CriticArtZones is an interactive journey mapping critical, institutional, artistic, capitalist, global, colonial, collective, subjective, emotional heritage and experiential knowledge.


Through the zones of thoughts, observations, visual documents and other resources this "map" represent the personal cartography of unlearning situations. This is more of a counter-cartography that breaks the classic map format and moves along the border between personal and collective.

This cyber landscape contains instructions for unlearning race, privilege, identity, borders, collaboration and art. Coming across these experiments in this cyber wandering, net readers can move from a position of intrapassivity to active action. 


Navigating this map, cyber visitors engaging in the reading of collected experiences are asked to enact instructions they stumble upon. In this way they themselves enter these critical zones of engagement, rethinking and unlearning the known.


CriticArtZones is an echo of exchanges happened during a residency stay in Serra-Brazil.


It is a collection of probing thoughts and tactics to move us sideways into those critical zones of art practice no one talks about :

+How do you survive from art; why keep it up; how is race and cultural diversity exploited; are there any art institutions that actually care left?

+How do we respond without falling into the trap of capitalism; how to be generous and caring but still maintain the care for ourselves; how to remain invisible yet make your work resonate widely?

+How do we unlearn and fight with love?

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