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Emotional cartography


+How many ways are there to interpret  and navigate a map? What can we see from what is not mapped, absent. How language forms us and our landscape?


Emotional cartography is a counter cartography. Combining a photographic and linguistic approach, the work maps layers of emotional-inner and spatial-outer states and movements of the artist through different time periods and places that have shaped her. Starting from the examination of both linguistic and visual perceptions of the words 'here' and 'identity,' the work traces the movement of different emotional, cognitive, and spatial pathways, movements through time, and shapes them into visual representations.

Here-as presence and understanding of self, depicted in the form of an interactive audio installation, allows the revelation of an identity that is presented as mutable and fluid... 'like water and glitch'."

Visitors are entering a reading space. Uncovering  semantic and visual elements in the dark they each take different path and form their own interpretation artist identity.

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