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Echoes from the Earths crust and beyond


Echoes is symbiotic weaving of stories of a techno ecological realm. It is a nomadic zone of storytelling that will serve as a space for recording and forming a living web audio archive of lived stories of people and the land they cultivate, live on, defend and pollute. It represents interwoven symbiotic relationships of living and non living beings.

It consist of a wooden bench, recording device, elders tree seedling and an audio web archive. The bench  is inspired by a family bench that has become a village place of exchange, dialogue,  support and collective sharing. It is an invitation to share, listen and records stories, recipes of the Anthropocene Age, the changing landscape of techno-utopian extraction of the Earth.

Stories are gathered through organized picnic events that gather local people from all walks of life to share their ancestral knowledge, knowledge of the Earth and other living beings.


This work is a micro-hacking, a collective biomythological narrative as a biopolitical strategy of urgency (Brown, 2017), a mix of scientific and experiential knowledge of the people and the land.

This work is a returning journey to my roots, my rural heritage and collaborative practices of care and support I grew from. Coming from my family lineage and morphing with the knowledge lineage I carry with me from the professional environment of new media art community.

Collaboration between us and the land


This project values diverse range of collaborations.

It is conceptualized as our collective work, knowledge we produce, exchange  and share.

Non of this would be possible without many amazing people who took part in its making and shared their skills and. knowledge.

My thanks to:

+My father Miladin Kandić who was present throughout the project, sharing his memories and stories of Vojvodina bench and help make our own.

+João Morais for setting up a web archive and Martin Novak for creating 3D sketches of all possible benches to be.

+To our neighbor Radiša and my colleague Stevan Kojić for their help in setting up the audio recording device prototype

+Big thanks to Branka Vlaisavljević and Dane Lukić for their generous time. memories of the land before, wisdom and long conversations. Your stories are kept

+To the Contemporary gallery Zrenjanin for helping set it all up.

+And to community in Lukićevo, its surrounding nature in which I grew up and come back to. All non human life and trees that provided comfort and a listening ear.

I am grateful to you all who made this idea come to life !

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