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is a portmanteau word combining meaning of words:

embodiment & morphems.

+ embodiment as embodied knowledge particularly that of the body

+ morphems the smallest meaningful constituent of a linguistic expression.

New conceptual framework of somatic micro reactions of pervasive informational inflow on a human being. This probe is designed to raise awareness of the information disorder happening in and on the body, mapping those micro effect of embodymorphemes through visual and performative gestures. As a poetic research it is a way of juxtapositioning of algorithmic knowledge paradigm to the proprioception knowledge - the spatial experience of knowledge informed by lived and sensed experience on and in the body.

This probe is enacted through series of soma workshop as a collective practice based research method that collects lived experience of the end users effect of information overflow occurring in contact with various technological devices.

As a way to navigate mapped information disorder a complimentary companion guide will be parallely drafted. A companion to the visual glossolalia is a collection of somatic blueprints as countermeasures to effects of the information disorder on ones body. As a part of an ongoing exploration of embodied reactions to
technological landscape each workshop, where probes are enacted is a continuation of a previous one. Thus both mapped effects and proposed countermeasures are collective entries of bodies in motion.


This somatic activity was part of the International Autumn School on Information Disorder Sarajevo 2023 and serves as a practical exercise in work with students at the Department of New Media Art.

It will result in a growing glossolalia SomaAI a new language (Bruno Latour’s way of forging a new tongue) of embodied information disorder.


Stay tuned!

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