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Setting up the map
wrriting the map
Collection of walked routes
Map exhibited in front of the gallery Rajka Mamuzica

Field notes / Urban walking


Someone ones said that the walker is the writer of the city. It made me wonder how do we establish relationship and communication with our surroundings and in what way this consequent reactions shape us and our city.

Walk has it's own pattern that's been repeated, during the walk, in every new city.  This is a work in constant process. The walk starts with a route: First turn  left, then second on the right fallowed by another right turn to the left. The route is a navigation, an   algorithm of a sort through which the walker becomes the writer of the city. Although it is structured, the walk itself is  always surprising.


Mapping the walks I realized that it's difficult to establish a relationship with my body, emotions, and environment. Text written on a map, gives the viewer the overall condition of my body, perception of space, people around me.

This project was a starting point on the psycho geographical research on communication, mapping of my  movement and mental state during the walk. It was started in 2011 and the idea is still developing through other connected works.

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