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Our language is a reflection of our culture. Each culture build its words and phrases in relation to its history and ways of living. As a system of written text where each word carries a meaning we are defining our surrounding through the language. We might be all seeing the same text, walking the same path but we are all reading it and experiencing it differently. HERE encompass so many meanings that are not related just to the physical location. It can also be a non-locative when we refer to something that is in still in the flow like the phrase “from here to here” where here also represent the space in between. Series of works are exploring the semantics behind the world HERE.

The guide of being here


Guide is designed as a set of instruction through various objects. These instruction are open to interpretation and are set to put the spectator into a situation of being present in the given moment and place. First in the series is the pocket guide box. The idea of the guide is to become more aware of ourselves bodily and mentally.

From here / Postcard series


We communicate our reality, thoughts and meanings through language. As a system of written text where each word carries a meaning we are often caught in semantic confusion of our language.

Postage from here is exploring the meaning of the English word HERE from a point of non native speaker. Multiple meanings of this word open up new ways of communicating the message, especially when they are looked from the point of different language, in this case Serbian. We might be all seeing the same text but we are all reading it differently. Looking at it from that point, the work is questioning in what ways we define our surrounding and how we really communicate and create connections to given meanings. Can visual language be helpful when transmitting the message?

The book of HERE


This book gathers works of several artists and their view on the meaning of the word HERE.  It was produced during the period of Enclave residency in Spain. As a collaborative meaning making it shows variety of interpretation of the language both visually and through text. Some of the artist view of the word is locally oriented while for some of them the locative meaning of HERE is explored more personally and philosophically.


Ana Meneses, Francois Davin, Justin Tyler Tate, Lucia Funes, Helga Pavškan, Milagros Arias, Maria Garcia, Silvina Soria, Ramon Fandos

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