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Exercise in healing

+How can we avoid rationalization through which we explain and manage this world?

+How can we attempt to communicate between ourselves and the land?

+Can we find ways to heal and move forward, and how can we do it collectively?

+How as artists can we find time for nurturing, recovery, work, inspiration?


These were some of the many questions that served as a guide for the site-specific intervention carried out in the hilly forests of Transylvania. The work was performed as part of the artistic residency project Intersectia (Emanuela Ascari - IT) with artist Joana Quiroga (Joana Quiroga - BR).


Food art, psychogeographic walks, nurturing and letting go, collaboration, recipe, nature intervention, performance, ancient knowledge. Together, we continued to explore what it means for us to collaborate as artists from two different continents, from two different cultures but with many similarities. Both directed towards healing, letting go, nurturing, listening, working with nature and food, ancient forms of knowledge and communities. In this exploration, we unlearned the familiar and learned from plants, animals, locals, and the forest. We discovered spaces of communication and language that connect and separate us through conversation, writing, and interventions.

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