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Untitled Dream

handmade pillow, text, plexiglass frame

Using dreamworld as a starting point the work examines  imaginary and real world of the artist. Through what do artist go through, how do they create and conceptualize their ideas?

Handmade pillow is a speculative object made of different materials that will make anyone dream creative thoughts.
The work was  done as a part of annual project  Razlike at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

LED Tree

sensors, led,  wire

Led tree was a collaborative work developed at Hybrid media camp. The camp dealt with recycling of discarded technology and using inexpensive and renewable resources to create unique works of art.  Tree as an result was made of wires and led diodes with attached movement sensor. Walking by it it produced a sound.

Hybrid Media Camp was positioned within the ideology of DIY and environmentally friendly  culture and was exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina

Visible Data

workshop, 3D models, data visualizations

Visualization of information has been, in the recent past, a helpful tool for comprehending the complex nature of human society. The Project Visible data uses two examples of culture financing, one in Serbia, and one in Slovakia.

This was  a collaborative comparative visualization. Presented in a form of an 3D object it showcases a financial situation in culture process of both countries.

Plastic Paradise

collaborative multimedia performance

Plastic paradise was a collaborative research on plastic waste and global pollution.

We experimented with plastic toys and objects. Live we generated plastic noise from them, read texts on pollution to the public.

Performance was done live during the Night of the Museums festival

Play the Line

interactive sound object

Play the line follows the concept of low tech DIY practice.

Copper lines are  in a role of a speaker  that is connected to a generated sound. Moving the microphone along the  copper lines sound is being emitted.

The observer is participating in the creation of the work. If there is no interaction there will be no sound.  The observer becomes a composer.

Since the sound varies depending on individual interaction and changes in the environment the produced sound can never be repeated and remains unique.

World glimpses

interactive sound object

Vertical experimental video on our world and the way we shape it.
Screened as a part of international video festival SHORTZ

Materialization disappearance of emotions

frozen tears

Materialization/disappearance of artist emotions was a work about transformation, creation and loss.

Tears are first materialization of our emotional world. Ice cubes are made from artist tears and  collected over certain period of time. Through process of melting they are changing their form to liquid and finally disappearing in form of water vapor. This way a part of artist herself is being scattered all around her environment.

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