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New terrains - Being there

Performative dinner party


New terrains-Being “there” was an product
of a month long residency stay with artist

Joana Quiroga an her project with

Associação de Artesanato Lagoa do Juara

and Fredone Fone in front of

LaTinta in Brazil.

Residency stay was informed by the
practice of (un)learning as a methodology
currently being developed in my PhD work
on engagement in knowledge production
related to technological thinking.
Objects created and exhibited as part of a
dinner event, are informed by years long
research in language, communication,
identity, collaboration and instruction based
situation through which I investigate how
we as society navigate technological world.
The main area of (un)learning here was
centered on issues of capitalism,
(de)colonization, race and collaboration in
different settings and environments that
challenge us and what art is. Where art can
happen and how can we seek and produce
knowledge outside of art academia its
institutions and open probe it with those
informed by lived experiences.


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