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Open school for

contemporary reading

of technology

Open School - Contemporary Readings of Technology was a project in collaboration with Academy of Art in Novi Sad, The project idea was to orchestrate an Autumn school as an alternative to higher education curriculum. With professors from New Meda Art department we formed a new program that served as a supplementary one. It functioned as a reading group where we gathered read, discussed and  lectured about various texts. essays from the field of cultural studies, philosophy of technology, media theory.  It was free and open to people coming  from various background . Together we talked and analyzed the texts ranging from Alexander Galloway Protocol, Precarious Rhapsody - Franco Bifo Berardi, Manuel Castells : The rise of the network society VIRTUAL BODIES AND FLICKERING SIGNIFIERS Katherine Hayles etc. We questioned aspects such as algorithmic rule, general cybernetics, big data, automation, privacy, commodification of knowledge. 

The final product of the school was a digital publication that gathered texts written by participants who shared their views on how technology is affecting and changing our society. education. nature etc.


The project was supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information of Vojvodina

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