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This work was created during a residential stay in Brazil as a result of an intimate performance of singing to a banana tree, a symbol of colonialism, trade and global networking as well as scientific achievement.

This work is inspired by a quote from Charles Darwin who used to say that every once in a while one should do a completely crazy experiment, like blowing the trumpet to the tulips every morning for a month. Probably nothing would happen, but what if it did?”

In a hyper-capitalist society permeated with exploitation, inequality, colonization of Western thought, this statement belongs only to the those who are privileged, because the non-privileged do not have time for experiments, extinguishing the fires of everyday life in order to survive as the residency host Fredone Fone put it.

As a space for personal questioning of one's own privilege, the privilege of institutionalized contemporary artistic practices and the privilege of the Balkan in the context of the Global South, the work moves sideways as Bruno Latour puts it, between the possible and the speculative. Presenting itself in the form of audio recipes, it tends to usurp the known, self-reflective privileged position of the art scene, but also the potential of artistic thinking.

This as many other works in exploration of semantics and languages is an instruction piece that is perceived as artist take on the first Foucaldian technologies of the self – writing and recording that are then enacted in the process of unlearning.

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