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Subversive tactics
Micro hacking of institutional frameworks

During the opening of JUBILEJ exhibition Sunčica P.K hacked the show by presenting artworks by other artists-students.​ It was an exhibition inside of an exhibition responding to the imposed institutional frameworks and reacting to them.

This project is a continuation of Sunčica research of white cube, exhibition forms and its spaces as well as places of art making. It is an institutional critique and a tactic of its disruption yet a tactic of support to artist emerging to the scene.

JUBILEJ presented the works of teaching staff at the Academy of Art Novi Sad, celebrating 50 years of its existence,

Artwork exchange

Installing the work of an artist Inkeri Jäntti just before the opening.

Milica Rakazov, Autoportrait, Digital print, 2024

Milica is a 2nd year student at Painting department

Inkeri Jäntti, Ambulocene - The age of a walker project

Psychogegraphic research, photo documentation, Finland 2024

Inkeri is a Finnish photographer learning stuff about the world through intensive hikes in the forest, exploring abandon places and investigating discarded. Her work documents social fabric of northern Finnish life.

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